Job Description



A Praxis Consultant works on all aspects of client project delivery, business development and internal process improvements. This work involves research, data analysis, proposal and report writing, project management and client relationship management.

The Consultant will manage multiple projects at any given time and is responsible for administering their own pipeline of projects. This role requires an individual to have strong organizational and planning skills to prioritize their workload.

The depth and complexity of the work assigned is dependent upon skills and performance of the Consultant.   It is assumed that the Consultant will develop ongoing maturity through experience and mentorship.  The onus is on the Consultant to communicate any concerns or risks that may impact the quality of work or deadlines pertaining to assignments.    


  • Monitor SaskTenders for consulting opportunities
  • Review public RFPs and sole source requests from potential clients
  • Develop proposals with input from senior members of the organization
  • Manage projects to budget and schedule, alerting Project Sponsors when issues arise
  • Identify project risks and communicate them pro-actively
  • Liaise with clients in a professional manner
  • Undertake active and professional project-based client communications
  • Conduct primary and secondary research to achieve project objectives 
  • Execute all administrative aspects of project delivery according to documented processes
  • Participate actively in internal continuous improvement initiatives and other internal assignments to assist in maturing and growing Praxis as an organization
  • Develop consulting reports, presentations and recommendations
  • Assist in corporate research and business development
  • Demonstrate active compliance with Praxis corporate policies

Education Requirements

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Economics or a University degree with related experience


Praxis Consultants are self-motivated, self-managed, energetic, and passionate about business development.  The Consultant will be working within and for some of Saskatchewan’s foremost companies, organizations, sectors, industries, community leaders, and business minds, as well as multiple different Praxis Associates, depending upon the specific project.

The following are the competencies required to successfully execute the Consultant role:

  • Commitment to excellence: Demonstrating a commitment to quality means taking pride in work and striving to deliver the best possible results. Our Consultants should always be looking for opportunities to improve the way they work, generate ideas for streamlining processes and thoroughly check their work. Resilience, determination and innovation are all qualities that support this competency.
  • Collaboration: This involves establishing strong partnerships with fellow professionals, both inside Praxis as well as with outside agencies and clients. Praxis is passionate about helping everyone flourish, which we do best when we collaborate with others and leverage their unique skills and talents.
  • Communication skills: This competency involves writing, listening, speaking and presenting. Consultants must be able to communicate succinctly and effectively. We do this by using concise, clear, appropriate language and structuring ideas clearly.
  • Resourcefulness and strategic orientation: This competency is all about finding innovative ways to overcome obstacles or solve problems. It can also relate to finding ways to deal with unforeseen or challenging situations using the resources available.
  • Trustworthy with a commitment to ethical practices: In the workplace, honesty is a sign of trust and ethics are all about knowing the difference between right and wrong. Colleagues and clients depend on the ability of our employees to make trustworthy decisions and provide an honest service. Being trustworthy also relates to getting things done independently and to the right standard.  

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